With a Rain Erosion Tester (RET) available at R&D Test Systems, there are increased testing opportunities for customers and better support.

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We have built and commissioned a complete RET in Hinnerup, Denmark. Our new test setup allows manufacturers of wind turbines and aircraft wings to increase the number of tests and further develop their innovative features and technologies.


Access to testing capacity

The system has three wings that are aerodynamically optimized to disturb the raindrops as little as possible. When the machine is running, the test specimens rotate while being exposed to rain. As our RET is the latest version of the system, it is possible to exploit all the latest features. For example, it is equipped with an improved camera and lighting solution compared to the first machines that were delivered, ensuring high-quality images used for erosion documentation.

"As one of the world's leading suppliers of large turnkey test systems and consultancy for the wind turbine industry, we always want to help our customers as best as possible. But there is a big difference between developing and building machines and then operating them. That is why we have invested in our own RET machine, so that we can become even better at supervising the RET owners during testing. In addition, we are working on an EU-supported development project where we will test our RET," says Jesper Dal Hasager, Technical Product Manager at R&D Test Systems.

The machine is equipped with a dual droplet system, which means that two sizes of needles are installed. This enables the user to choose between different raindrop sizes depending on the scenario they need to test for. The test specimens can be a combination of different types of substrates and erosion protections, which are used on aircraft wings and wind turbine blades.

"We want to meet the various needs of our customers. Due to the increasing demand for rain erosion testing, we are introducing this opportunity to develop features and technologies on our RET system in Hinnerup. In March 2023, we will start running the first test campaign for a customer," says Niels Pedersen, Key Account Manager at R&D Test Systems.

Niels further explains that "we know that RET owners can carry out the necessary post-analysis and report generation of the test results, but our new machine gives them access to test capacity at our facility in addition to their own capacity. We, therefore, see this as a complimentary and supportive service for those customers."

Rain Erosion Tester in Hinnerup, 2023
Tailored rain erosion test

The RET system has earned international acclaim for its reliability and documented repeatability and is used by leading coating manufacturers and test centers. So far, we have built and delivered 14 RET systems worldwide. With adjustable test parameters, RET owners can test for erosion within both the wind and aircraft industries.

If you lack capacity for rain erosion testing, you can test your leading edge protection at R&D Test Systems. We tailor your booking depending on the time frame of your test campaigns, test specimens, analysis of test results, and other services. Contact Key Account Manager Niels Pedersen for more information at npe@rdas.dk or + 45 6325 2051.

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