What is Bolt-Check?

Bolt-Check is an ultrasonic measurement device that allows fast and accurate inspections of bolted joints.

It's a state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology with an intuitive user platform and a traceability system that lets you instantly locate bolts in your database and appropriately schedule service and maintenance.

The Bolt-Check tool is suitable for most bolt types and requires no special pre-treatment of the bolts. It can play an important part in maximizing operational time and minimizing failure. Bolt-Check provides a cloud solution with an intuitive bolt management database to store, sort, and examine measured bolts.

Implement in any stage of the supply chain

Bolt-Check is the most cost-effective bolt-verification solution in the market, capable of implementation in any stage of the supply chain.

Implemented at sub-supplier
Implemented at sub-supplier
During production
During production
During installation
During installation
During service
During service
During root cause analysis
During root cause analysis

Benefits of Bolt-Check

Choose Bolt-Check for reliable bolted joints, optimized operations, and long-term construction integrity.

  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve HSE
  • Full traceability of every bolt
  • Minimize the risk of human error
  • Integrated data logging and report system
  • Can be used with standard bolts

Get access to a cloud database

The Bolt-Check cloud is a database specifically designed to store and manage raw tightening data from bolted connections and present it in an easy-to-read format, enabling effortless post-processing of the collected data.

With the cloud database, you can use real data to predict the need for future maintenance and reduce the number of visits to your turbines. And by collecting “big data” from all turbines, it is possible to refine the design of future turbines, which reduces maintenance costs and provides knowledge/data that can be used later on.

Case story: Correct clamping force

Vestas, a leading wind turbine manufacturer, has optimized its installation and commissioning processes with the help of R&D Test Systems' Bolt-Check tool.

Bolt-Check specialist using the Bolt-Check tool

Say goodbye to manually tracking and managing individual bolt measurements

Have you been introduced to our unique feature of the Bolt-Check product?

In the world of bolt preload verification, precision and efficiency are paramount. With hundreds of bolts in play, ensuring accurate measurements and maintaining a clear record of each bolt can be a challenging task. That’s where our traceability tags will revolutionize your workflow.

Seamless Start-to-End Tracking

From the moment a bolt is integrated into your wind turbine, our traceability tags kick into action. These smart tags facilitate complete traceability, enabling you to track every bolt's journey from its inception through its entire lifespan. Whether it's on the production line, during installation, or even maintenance, you'll have instant access to its entire tightening history.

  • Unprecedented accuracy: Bid farewell to errors resulting from manual tracking of measurements. Our traceability tags ensure accurate and consistent data every time.
  • Streamlined workflow: Empower your team to work more efficiently, confident that our software manages the intricate details of the bolt measurements.
  • Boosted productivity: Free up valuable time and resources by automating bolt tracking, enabling your team to concentrate on the core task of collecting the bolt pre-tension data.


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