trees sustainability

Sustainable business

Doing business responsibly has always been an important part of R&D Test Systems' business strategies and daily work procedures. It shall always serve as one of the foundations for our management decisions.

Our sustainability governance is aligned and coordinated with the sustainability governance, codes, and values of our parent company MTS Systems Corporation, Minnesota, USA.

Renewable energy and sustainability

We have an extensive focus on renewable energy with many different development projects and solutions, which help our customers reduce their carbon footprints and meet their sustainability strategies and objectives.

Our test solutions for the renewable energy industry and the aviation industry make it possible to test equipment under realistic conditions, giving customers the possibility to foresee life span and plan maintenance, contributing to increasing sustainability.

When it comes to end-of-life handling of customers’ wind turbine test benches, we continually seek to either find an alternative use for or customer for the equipment or engage in disassembling the equipment to separate materials into each possible waste fraction. To our knowledge, we are the only supplier handling test bench end of life in this way.

Global code of ethical business conduct

Our “Global Code of Ethical Business Conduct” states that we follow legal, compliant, and ethical business practices and expect the same from the business partners, vendors, suppliers, and other third parties we work with.

Our management team has signed and, together with other relevant risk position employees, received individual training in our Global Code of Ethical Business Conduct, with focuses including anti-corruption, anti-cartel, etc.

All employees in our group have confirmed that they are aware of and focused on complying with our Global Code of Ethical Business Conduct.

Some of our local initiatives


Power consumption

Climate change is an important issue for us to address. During the year, we have installed automatic light switches, bought our first fully electric company car, replaced conventional light sources with LED lighting, and installed sun reflection foil on the windows.



We have decided that obsolete laptops, servers, screens, accessories, etc., will be sold to a professional service company specialized in refurbishing IT equipment, which ensures an extended use period for the equipment.


Working virtually

Based on our experiences from the COVID19 period, we have established the possibility for employees to work partly from home in situations where this is mutually considered possible. Additionally, replacing physical meetings with virtual meetings can save time for travel, energy consumption, and carbon emissions. We have established at least one virtual meeting room at each of our seven locations in Denmark, Germany, and the Czech Republic. Furthermore, we encourage our employees to use virtual meetings when possible.