Taking the wind industry to the digital age

Faster validation, time-to-market, and improved total cost of testing new wind turbines.

With a successful track record within test systems for the wind industry, R&D Test Systems continues to expand its focus areas, including digital technologies, and leverage testing by closing the gap between testing and simulation. Embracing the digital transformation in testing by integrating simulations and data is the way for cost and time-effective test campaigns, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels by reducing the time-to-market.

Our digital solutions are targeted to your needs, which could be a standalone solution to optimize your simulations or an upgrade to your existing test bench. We offer a variety of solutions, from component simulations to hybrid testing.


Model-Based System Engineering

At R&D Test System, we work with a practice of “Model-Based System Engineering” (MBSE). This means we put the “model” at the center of the system design across the engineering domains, from the conceptual design phase through the development, commissioning, and later life cycle phase. The focus of digital-modeling environments leverages our design and validations while being innovative and optimized.

With our interdisciplinary engineering team and proven competencies, we help our customers in their digitalization journey.

Component Level Simulations

We provide component-level simulations targeted to different systems such as hydraulics, mechanics, electrics and electronics, etc. These digital solutions will add value to your business while securing safety compliance. Moreover, with the help of simulations, preemptive actions and predictive maintenance will increase the asset life and lower the maintenance cost.


Model Integration and System-Level Simulations

Our interdisciplinary engineering team can help you to define interfaces between your simulation models and leverage your component models into coupled simulations in an integrated framework. Moreover, we can include applications on top of these simulation environments based on your needs. Thus, you will have more realistic simulation models and insight into your system.

We provide system-level simulations that are focused on different levels of applications. Some of the focus areas are; operation and maintenance, test rehearsal tools, test assessment and reporting tools, and test execution. We also help you to identify and point out opportunities. Our digital solutions will help you to estimate and reduce the cost of testing, reduce time-to-market, increase the asset life, lower the maintenance cost and define the remaining useful life.

Product Simulations

Our engineering competencies and digital solutions are not only limited to test benches but also wind turbine products. With our simulation and data science experiences, we can help you in different areas, from design to operation. Our digital offerings include but are not limited to; bearing design, yaw and pitch system design, health monitoring, etc. These solutions will also allow you to optimize the costs by using supplier screening and risk profiling.


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Component Simulations

We provide component-level simulations targeted to different systems such as hydraulics, mechanics, electrics and electronics, etc.

Some of the digital solutions that are offered for hydraulics are:

  • Leakage Estimator
  • Accumulator Supervision
  • Cylinder Seal Wear
Model Integration

With our interdisciplinary engineering competencies, we help you couple the component-level simulations in an integrated framework.

Product Simulations

With our consultancy business experience, we also offer digital solutions to our customers in product design and development cycle.

Some of the digital solutions that are for the product simulations are:

  • Blade bearing design
  • Health monitoring
  • Yaw and pitch system design
System Simulations

With a successful track record in the test systems in the wind industry, R&D leverages testing by closing the gap between test and simulation

Some of the digital solutions that are offered for the test systems are:

  • Advanced visualization
  • Test Bench Optimizer
  • Virtual Testing
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Damage Counter
  • Data Management
  • Data-Driven Root-Cause Analysis
Data Management

Data is a crucial part of both simulation and experiments. Data management is vital for efficient assessments and decision-making progress. We develop a data management platform to help you store, access, and post-process the data you have gathered from the experiments and simulations. Moreover, with the support of machine learning, data can be used for root-cause analysis.

Operation & Maintenance

Our goal is to help our customers to reduce their time-to-market and cost of the test.

Testbenches are instrumented with several sensors to secure safe operations. With the integration of simulation and data, the users would be more informed on the physical test bench.

Moreover, the sensor data can also be used in predictive maintenance, reducing the test bench's downtime and maintenance costs.

Test Execution

We offer advanced test execution solutions to improve the outputs of your experiments with more realistic and reliable test executions.

Some of the digital solutions that are for the product simulations are:

  • Hybrid testing
  • Hardware-in-the-loop testing
  • Grid emulator
Experimental Design

We help our customers to maximize the use of their test benches. Sensor location, monitoring, data storage, post-processing, system identification, root-cause analysis, simulation validation, and calibration are some of the examples that we focus on to influence product development and design.

Our digital ambitions

We use digitalization and simulation models to improve information upfront to testing, increase transparency of the results, and shorten time-to-market for our customers.

Electrical Test Systems

We are experts in supplying custom-made test solutions for your testing needs. This also covers a wide variety of electrical testing solutions, spanning from low to medium voltage, from FRT tests to full grid compliance tests.

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