R&D’s strong competences within structural analysis formed the basis for the preparation of a structural re-analysis, including a complete update of load modelling, on Maersk Oil’s Gorm F platform in the North Sea.

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Maersk continuously re-analyse their jackets and topsides through their Structural Reanalysis System (SRS). The purpose is to examine whether the structures on the platforms are still compliant with the present standards and the current load levels.

“It is vital to identify the critical areas and complete more detailed analyses, such as ultimate capacity analyses, if necessary. If a jacket or topside, which has been at sea for several years, cannot endure the most extreme loads, then a reinforcement project is launched,” Filip Westarp explains, Senior Structural Engineer at R&D and consultant on the Maersk project.

We had a very positive and satisfying cooperation with Filip. We have been extremely pleased with both his high level of competence and how thorough he is.

Ulrik Christtreu Jensen
Head of Structures, Maersk Oil

Long-lasting collaboration

For several years, the employees at Maersk Oil and Gas in Esbjerg have been cooperating with employees from the R&D department in Aalborg on structural analysis. “Previously, we have benefited from Filip Westarp’s competences regarding structural analysis on Tyra West and East,”  Ulrik Christtreu Jensen says, Head of Structures at Maersk Oil. “Philip’s work has been very fine and therefore we chose Filip and R&D for the project at Gorm F.”

While conducting the re-analysis at the topside of Gorm F, Filip has converted all existing analysis from the previous DS 449 to ISO 19901-3/19902.

All loads have been updated to the current requirements and standards. All models have been updated according to the as-built drawing documents and to the required revision of the weight report with the referenced load plans.

Analysis designed to substantiate the efficiency have been established and completed using the software package ROSAP, which Maersk uses for their analysis. Furthermore, R&D has completed manual calculations of the elements and joints which cannot be calculated in ROSAP along with manual calculations of the seemingly exploited elements and joints to see if these can be reduced to an acceptable level.

Finally, an SRS report has been completed according to the standards of Maersk.

Competent and accurate work

Today, Maersk has an updated and well-documented basis for decisions regarding possible reinforcement projects on Gorm F’s topside.
”We had a very positive and satisfying cooperation with Filip. We have been extremely pleased with both his high level of competence and how thorough he is,” Ulrik Christtreu Jensen says. ”We have received very precise and competent answers whenever we have asked for elaborations. Thus, everything has met our expectations.”

Photo credit: Gorm F, Maersk Oil. 

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