Strong technical and human qualifications were the reasons why R&D was chosen to complete a third party technical review of the installation on Dogger Bank for the Forewind consortium in 2015.

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Forewind is a consortium established in 2008 and consists of the companies Statkraft, Statoil, RWE Innogy UK and SSE. The purpose was to combine competences and thereby increase the possibility of being chosen as a collaborator for The Crown Estate as a supplier of one of the offshore windzones of Round 3.

In January 2010, Forewind was selected as development partner at the Dogger Bank Zone, and the consortium is currently working on establishing and installing four offshore wind turbine projects at a total of 4.8 GW.

A need for completing a third-party review of parts of the installed equipment arose in connection with the preliminary work on the wind farm, in which wind speed is analysed in order to assess whether there is basis for a wind farm in the specific area.

It was very useful to include a third party in the project, who could give us specific guidelines in accordance with the official standards.

Jacob Andersen
Principal Structural Engineer, Statkraft

Need for review

Principal Structural Engineer, Jacob Andersen, from Statkraft, who coordinated the technical input from the group of owners, recommended to contact mechnical engineer, Jes Andersen, from R&D. The two knew each other from a previous collaboration at Vestas, where Jes had used his skills which were much needed in this new project.

"It was very useful to include a third party in the project, who could give us specific guidelines in accordance with the official standards. And I knew from previous experience, that Jes was the right man for the job," Jacob Andersen says.

Project Manager Nachaat Tahmaz from Statoil UK is part of the Forewind team. Along with Jacob Andersen, he has been collaborating closely with Jes Andersen and R&D. They both praise Jes Andersen for an excellent process and solution of the task.

"Both Jes' professional qualities and his interpersonal skills have been significant in this project," Jacob and Nachaat both say. "There are multiple parties in this project, and Jes has been collaborating very well with all of them, and he has reached a good solution which is satisfactory for everybody."

Continuous collaboration

Both Jacob Andersen and Nachaat Tahmaz have appraised the collaboration with Jes and the team from R&D internally in their organisations. They both hope that they will be able to solve tasks with R&D in the future. Nachaat has already recommended R&D to a colleague in the organisation.

"We have multiple tasks in our organisation, which could be interesting to solve in collaboration with R&D," Jacob Andersen says. "Therefore, we will keep in touch with R&D, and we look forward to launching new projects together."

Dogger Bank Zone

The Dogger Bank zone

Dogger Bank is in the North Sea, located between 125 kilometres and 290 kilometres off the east coast of Yorkshire. It is one of nine offshore zones belonging to the Crown Estate which formed part of the third licence round for UK offshore wind farms.

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