The last few months, R&D's solid competences within structural design and construction have formed the basis for the design of a pipe bridge for Aalborg CSP to be used at a sun tower system in Australia.

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In December 2014, Aalborg CSP was chosen to deliver a CO2-free solar energy system to Australian Sundrop Farms, which produces approximately 15,000 tons of vegetables annually.

The integrated solar energy system from Aalborg CSP, which will be installed at Sundrop Farms, is designed to deliver more than 250,000 m3 of freshwater annually for irrigation by desalinating seawater. Furthermore, the facility covers the total need for heating of the greenhouses during the winter and on the cold summer nights, and it can produce electricity if necessary.

The solar energy system is based on Aalborg CSP's sun tower technology, in which receivers (special kettles) are installed at the top of an approximately 116 metres high tower. In the field surrounding the tower, a vast amount of mirrors is placed, which project the beams of sunlight to the receivers at the top of the tower. Several tubes have been installed from the sun tower to the various tanks and to other parts of the system. These tubes are supported by a steel construction designed by R&D.

We have been very satisfied with R&D's great flexibility and solid competences.

Peter Jørgensen
Aalborg CSP

Design according to Australian standards

"The most essential parts of our task have been the design of the steel construction with special details according to Australian standards and the preparation of a 3D model, engineering drawings, production drawings and a design report," Filip Westarp says, Senior Structural Engineer at R&D.

Along with his colleagues from the R&D project team, he has solved the task at Aalborg CSP in close collaboration with the customer's Project Manager Peter Jørgensen. "R&D has contributed with key competences within fields which are not within our primary areas of expertise," Peter Jørgensen says. "We have developed together throughout the project, and we have produced some good solutions, which have been very valuable to the project."

Continuous development

Throughout the entire project, a continuous development of the position, installation and transportation of the tubes has taken place, which has required great coordination.

"We had to ensure that all the tubes are supported in the right places," Filip says. "The total number of tube supporters is approximately 300. The majority of these are standard solutions, but the project has also required the development of several specially designed solutions."

Flexibility, competences and good relations

"We have been very satisfied with R&D's great flexibility and solid competences, and at the same time we have had great relations personally. This is also an important aspect when collaborating with external consultants," Peter Jørgensen says. "I look forward to using R&D's competences for other projects in the future."

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