R&D has announced the expansion of its business into the south of Denmark with the opening of a new office in Kolding. This brings the total number of offices to six with locations in Denmark and the Czech Republic.

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R&D has expanded its presence in Denmark by opening a new office in Kolding. The opening of the new office is a response to a growing demand for R&D’s services in the region. The new office adds to the already existing ones in Hinnerup, Aalborg, Lindø and Prague as well as local resources on Zealand. The establishment of a permanent presence in this area is consistent with R&D’s strategic plans for continued growth in the key markets in which they operate.

The office in Kolding will add to the local presence in the area, which will allow R&D to continue its expansion and better meet the needs of the clients. “With the continued growth and demand for our services in the region, we saw this as an opportunity to serve our clients better,” Axel Manøe Jepsen says, CEO of R&D. “Having local resources in this region will enable further improvement of the services we offer our customers. This will assist them in achieving valuable results from their products.”

Enhanced access to engineering services and specialists

R&D’s objective is to make each of their offices a place where they can engage in a local collaboration which accelerates the customer’s business. As the customer base in the area continues to thrive, the new office will offer them greater access to R&D’s services and specialists. “With this new office dedicated to serving local customers, we look forward to sharing our industry knowledge, expertise and innovative solutions to help them solve their problems and to drive their business forward,” Axel Manøe Jepsen says.

In addition to the geographical expansion with the aim of establishing offices closer to its clients, R&D also continues to make significant investments in the technical services they provide. “We are determined to deliver valuable service to our customers. Our wide range of specialised engineers enables us to provide our customers with the distinctive value and experience which characterise R&D. Therefore, we continuously focus on adding experts to our staff within the fields of project management, mechanics, software, hydraulic systems, automation, electrical engineering, structures and foundations,” Axel Manøe Jepsen says.