Several employees from R&D are currently working on constructing the foundation for a new component test bench on Lindoe.

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The first part of the job, which consisted of piling, excavation and concreting has been finished and the initial construction will begin soon.

FORCE Technology and Lindoe Offshore Renewable Centre (LORC) are establishing a component and structure test center which focuses on full-scale tests of components and systems - both mechanically and in environmental chambers.

Strong floor

R&D is responsible for the implementation of the foundation for the component test bench which can process subjects with a length of up to 50 metres. The test bench is constructed with a strong floor the size of 9 x 20 metres and it has two 4 metres high reaction walls.

The test bench will be used for mechanical tests of large components. The work on establishing the test bench is currently underway. ”Before the summer holiday, we finished the first part of the job which consisted of piling, excavation and concreting the bedplate, which will carry the finished test bench foundation,” Senior Project Manager Kent Frank Pedersen from R&D says. ”We have just begun rigging out the construction site in order to begin the construction of the foundation of the test bench. The construction will go on the next four months.”

Unique competences

In this project, R&D handles project management, design, sizing and contractor management with regards to the establishment of the component test bench. R&D's unique competences within foundations and strong floors were significant for the customer’s choice of R&D as a collaborator.

Throughout several years, R&D has achieved unique competences and system knowledge within the development of industrial test systems. Today, approximately 75 engineers at R&D are working on developing customised heavy-duty test systems on a daily basis.

”Every day, we work on several interesting projects within the development of industrial test systems with the prospect of more to come,” Peter Ulrikkeholm says, Business Unit Director at R&D Test Systems.

”Therefore we are always looking for the right new employees who have the competences and the courage to solve the really complex technical tasks. We have high expectations to the future development in this area due to our solid foothold in this market.”

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