In close collaboration with Aalborg University, R&D has completed the EUDP project regarding the development of a more realistic and energy-efficient test method for wind turbines.

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The project has been a contributory factor in the development of one of the world’s largest and most advanced test benches for Highly Accelerated Life-cycle Testing (HALT) of components for wind turbines up to 10 MW. R&D has worked in close collaboration with Aalborg University in the project in which focus has been on the development of a test bench which conducts highly realistic tests, reduces testing time and consumes less energy than other test systems available today.

“It has been an inspiring collaboration with Aalborg University. The combination of our knowledge and expertise in the development of test systems for wind turbines and their competences within energy technology has led to a strong synergy, which has been of vital importance to the outcome”, Rico Hjerm Hansen says, Development Engineer at R&D Test Systems.

Better and faster methods

Today, the experience from the research project is applied to several of R&D’s projects, where it is used to improve the development of test systems. “Among other things, the project has facilitated better and faster methods for the conceptual design of test systems, enabling us to quickly adapt to the customer’s requirements. Overall, this enhances the quality and reliability of the test systems while also reducing the costs significantly”, Rico Hjerm Hansen says.
He continues: “The project has in particular constituted the development of generic tools for optimisation, used for calculations on complex test systems. These tools allow us to review the performance of the hydraulic system, steering capacities and mechanical requirements, while adjusting the geometry, load and movement requirements at the same time. Combined, this enables us to evaluate and optimise our solutions faster”.
The project has been supported and facilitated by EUDP (the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program), which is an initiative by the Danish Energy Agency to render Denmark independent of fossil fuels.