Since 2021, R&D Test Systems has worked on the design and development of the TLU and integration to the test bench.

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With the test bench, it is possible to perform HALT tests (Highly Accelerated Lifetime Testing), which means that it can lifetime test the wind turbine prototypes. The core of the testbench is the hydraulic wind load unit, also named Test Load Unit (TLU). The TLU can apply five load components: axial, radial, and vertical load, yaw, and tilt moment, while the direct drive motor on the test bench can apply torque. Collectively, all this simulates to an extreme the wind conditions an offshore wind turbine is exposed to in its lifetime. Based on the different tests, Vestas can evaluate how the prototype performs and what potentially needs to be improved.

This Friday, the team from Vestas and all employees from R&D Test Systems were invited to the celebration at the Oil Harbor as the new test bench was officially inaugurated. The test bench is now ready to test Vestas’ future wind turbines for the offshore market.

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