EUDP funding for project MERGE - MEgawatt scalable veRsatile Grid Emulation system.

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We always strive to deliver world-class engineering, which is why we are happy to announce that R&D Test Systems has been awarded EUDP funding for project MERGE - MEgawatt scalable veRsatile Grid Emulation system

With 'The Grid Emulation Program' funding, we are able to continue developing our competences within grid emulation equipment. This gives us the opportunity to further develop this technology and application. In turn, we are able to provide our customers with a scalable converter system to test all needed requirements from existing grid codes and future demands.

Grid frequency: Fixed

Grid voltage: Fixed

Grid short circuit ratio: Fixed

Grid power: Fixed / depending on available wind

Programmable mission/load profiles: No

Stable test conditions: No

Grid frequency: Tunable (Market worldwide)

Grid voltage: Tunable (FRT testing)

Grid short circuit ratio: Tunable (weak/strong grid)

Grid power: Tunable (continuous, repeatable)                   

Programmable mission/load profiles: Yes

Stable test conditions: Yes

MERGE Projekt
MERGE projekt

Outcomes of the project

  • Comprehensive study of future renewables grid requirements and standards leading to a requirement table
  • Grid emulator concept and design depending on state-of-the-art grid test requirements
  • 'Proof of concept' grid emulator scaled prototype focusing on:
    • Scalable modules to achieve high power outputs
    • High voltage up to 66kV
    • Multipurpose functionalities to cover future requirements

A unique collaboration between AAU, R&D and OEM will make it possible to map the future grid requirements, product development and end user inputs. We will provide our customers with a system that fulfill all requirements for future testing.

Peter Ulrikkeholm
Business Unit Director, R&D Test Systems

Over the past 4-5 years, R&D has expanded our capabilities significantly within electrical engineering and simulation. The scope of the project includes the development of a grid emulation system that can test future decentralised power producers, such as wind turbines and solar plantsLead by the standards and grid codes of the future, the grid emulator will be a key element in test and validation for future large renewable multi-megawatt producers. As many functionalities need to be tested, an all-in-one solution for all the functionalities is beneficial and can reduce the critical time to market for OEMs significantly. Studies of how to implement required measures and requirements of the future standards and grid code are often conducted, however, only few are made upon the test capabilities needed to validate these. The future standards of test for both grid stability and power quality are therefore of interest, and even more important, requirements for test equipment.