Throughout several years, R&D has delivered an increasing number of turnkey systems to the industry. The development is based on an increasing demand from the customers and R&D's broad array of competences.

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R&D's competent employees are both skilled consultants who can manage specific tasks at the customers' locations and team players who can be significant parts of turnkey systems. The typical turnkey systems which R&D are responsible for within product development and development of manufacturing equipment include concept and design leading to the production of prototypes, while a delivery of test systems usually includes a turnkey development solution with subsequent maintenance.

At R&D, there is an increasing development towards delivering turnkey systems, in which R&D takes full responsibility for the customer's solution. "We continue to expand as a company and a substantial part of this expansion comes from the sale of turnkey systems," Steen Rosenstand says, CEO of R&D.

More responsibility and increased safety

"Today, we are responsible not only for the development but also for the subsequent production of the solutions, which we have designed and constructed. The customers have a wish to delegate the responsibility to us, so they can focus on their core business," Steen Rosenstand says.

"The primary reason as to why we handle the task is our great experience in project management of turnkey systems combined with our internal competences and the close correlation between mechanics, hydraulics, software as well as assembly and installation."

When we are responsible for all the parts of a solution, it increases the speed of development and reduces the risk of missing details.

Close collaboration with Grundfos

Today, R&D primarily has experience within turnkey test solutions, but R&D has delivered several turnkey systems for the development of products and manufacturing equipment for other businesses to the industry too. This is the case at Grundfos, where R&D has been collaborating closely for several years with the customer's own technicians on developing several generations of a new product for their range of pumps.

Here, R&D has been involved all the way from design and construction to agreements with subcontractors concerning production of individual parts, assembly, and production of prototypes. The final production will take place at Grundfos.

New test bench to Siemens

Recently, R&D has been working on a turnkey system of a new test bench to Siemens for the test of wind turbines. Here, R&D has had the full responsibility concerning excavation and construction of the foundation, design and construction of the test bench as well as assembly and installation, and today R&D is primarily responsible for running the planned tests. The work has been conducted in close collaboration with Siemens but with R&D as the general project manager.

A major player within turnkey systems for the industry

"Today, we are one of the country's leading engineering companies, who can take full responsibility for turnkey systems within many sectors of the industry. It is an advantage both for us and for the customers that we have the majority of the needed competences internally, including those concerning assembly and installation," Steen Rosenstand says.

"We have high expectations regarding a continued positive development in this field. We have customers in many sectors of the industry, who wish to delegate the responsibility to us and thus ask for overall solutions, and we have the competences and the experience needed to complete these tasks."