HALT testing: Design verification and Life-time validation

The HALT test benches enable wind turbine manufacturers to test the function and life-cycle of different wind turbines faster and better than ever before at Lindø Offshore Renewables Center (LORC).

The HALT test bench and HALT XL test bench test the next generation of prototypes of the world’s largest offshore wind turbines to make sure that the enormous energy giants can withstand the scenarios out on the ocean. This requires a test bench out of the ordinary.

Both test benches are used for design verification and Highly Accelerated Life-time Testing (HALT) of nacelles as well as drive-train components such as gearboxes and main bearings.

R&D Test Systems has developed test benches that will expose the prototype to 20 years of the elements in just 6-8 months.

25 MW Test Facility at LORC

Previously, R&D Test Systems has developed and build test benches for LORC, including some of the largest in the world. Therefore, it has been the natural choice for us to seek competences, know-how, and especially the innovative approach, which R&D Test Systems can provide.

Torben Lorenzen
Chief Executive Officer, LORC

The project phase of your next test system

To develop large-scale industrial test systems such as the HALT test bench and HALT XL test bench, we follow the below project model. Due to our high expertise and knowledge, we understand our customers' needs and ensure their competitiveness.

Project planning
Proposal review
When the proposal review has been accepted by you and us, we will move on to project planning with technical handover and feedback.
Design description review
Once the project has been kicked off we will work closely with concept validation and execution planning. The design description review includes concept choices and making an execution strategy.
Development of test system
When the design description has been completed, we move together to the scoping. This includes concept review, design review, documentation review, PO reviews, and inspection. Here we, therefore, establish the manufacturing basis, sourcing, and documentation to ensure that your nest test system lives up to your specific requirements.
Installation and Commissioning
Planning and installation
We are now ready to plan the installation, which R&D Test systems will also be responsible for. Here, we consider the installation readiness review and commissioning review. This ultimately entails the run-in of your tailor-made test system.
R&D Test systems are now ready to hand over your project, where we also offer service packages for your test system.

R&D Test Systems

Large-scale and Sustainable Solutions

R&D Test Systems has a workforce of engineering experts who have acquired specialized competencies through years of developing complex, large-scale dynamic test systems.

Our in-house specialists enable us to address the system and provide the deliverables required for the complete scope of the test system, including feasibility study, design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning.

Halt test bench

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