Peter knows R&D from many different perspectives and roles, which he benefits from daily

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Peter works as an Key Account Manager, and you can find him at R&D's head office in Hinnerup. Previously, Peter has been employed as a Project Manager at R&D for three years, and his current position as Key Account Manager is turned more towards a sales role. This means that Peter knows R&D from many different perspectives and roles, which he benefits from daily. Through his work at R&D, Peter has gained a large and broad understanding of what the work entails and embraces many engineering groups. In addition, Peter spends much of his time creating relationships with potential new customers so that the collaboration between our customers and us and the solutions we develop are the best possible. At the same time, he also spends much time advising and working with existing customers.

What is Peter's background?

In 2015, Peter was educated as a Master of Science in Engineering with a master's degree from Aalborg University in Electro-Mechanical System Design. Peter chose to move to Aalborg to study because he had heard that this was where some the best mechanical engineers were trained. And as he himself points out, "I would like to be a part of them". This is also the reason why Peter had full focus on the studies. It is clear how Peter still strives to excel and deliver the best possible job to all our customers. Every day, Peter translates his knowledge which among others concerns hydraulics, operations and regulations into innovative engineering solutions.

As a graduate, he applied for four different positions, including one at R&D. The choice fell on R&D due to our work and development of test systems and our broad professionalism and competences. In 2018, however, he needed to try something different but returned to R&D as he missed the high professionalism, system solutions and working in a young team. "We have some brainy people here at R&D. And the collaboration with my colleagues is invaluable", says Peter.

Today, 31-year-old Peter lives in Skanderborg, where he, in addition to the family life, also appreciates being physically active. It includes everything from running, mountain biking and underwater hunting. This is also reflected here at his workplace, where he was a part of R&D's cycling team and made sure that 'Friday swimming' was arranged a few years ago.


We have some brainy people here at R&D. And the collaboration with my colleagues is invaluable

Peter Winther

How is it to work at R&D?

"It is clear to see that a very flat organisational structure influences the work at R&D. This flat structure allows us to make decisions quickly. I can go directly to our CEO and ask him to send an email so I can continue my work", Peter says. This kind of structure allows Peter, and every other of R&D's employees, to execute ideas and thoughts faster than in other large companies with high bureaucracy. We work together across both personal and professional competencies, educations and departments. And the work across the boxes means that we all develop and improve together as a company. "We are not afraid to learn from each other", Peter says. In addition, Peter also points out that; "There are good colleagues, good unity, high professionalism, a great variety of work tasks and trust". To this, he adds, "One of the most important things for me is that we are system suppliers. We provide turnkey solutions that we, due to our high and broad professionalism, make sure come together. From drawings on a paper to delivered and installed systems".

"R&D arranges good social events and gatherings for the employees, and many of us are good at supporting such initiatives", Peter says. The social experiences that generally increase our unity we take back to work and use in various teams.