Gender and diversity policy for other management levels

Vision for the policy

In the MTS Systems Danmark group, we want our employees and managers to be diverse, as we believe this promotes the company's development and is one of the basic prerequisites for our business success.

Main objective of the policy

It is our objective to have equality and diversity on e.g. gender, age and educational background among our managers and employees.

It is important to us that we avoid discrimination and that we create an open-minded culture.

Our objectives and actual implementations of the policy must be in accordance with applicable legislation and recognized national and international standards.

This is how the policy is implemented in practice

  • Employment in the MTS Systems Danmark group shall always be based solely on personal, business, and professional competencies
  • Decisions on recruitments, promotions and redundancies are never influenced by the applicant's or employee's race, ethnicity, social origin, gender, religion, sexual beliefs or the like
  • Our recruitment, promotion and redundancy processes are based on these objectives

We use these two main KPIs to help identify whether the policy is followed in practice

  • Has the principles that employment in the MTS Systems Danmark group shall be based on personal, business, and professional competencies been incorporated into:
    • Relevant employee manuals?
    • Workflow descriptions?
    • Other relevant and related policies?
  • Has the policy principles on the criteria for employments, promotions and redundancies actually been applied in practice in all relevant situations during the year?

The above results achieved within the policy area are measured or assessed once a year and needed corrective measures are implemented where possible and appropriate.


The policy applies to all parts of the MTS Systems Danmark group.


We want to ensure that all managers and employees are continuously informed about the policy, so that they can act accordingly.

We will communicate clearly and transparently on relevant results achieved.