HALT test bench

Component and module testing is relevant within test systems, as it is a software testing type performed by testing each module or component separately. R&D have a wide range of specialized competences that ensure efficient project execution and world-class test systems for our customers. Our system specialists provide you with the best match between test type and execution. We provide our customers with tailor-made test systems including component and module testing. The test systems are customized to ensure that they meet our customers’ requirements and needs. R&D Test Systems’ portfolio of heavy-duty test systems has been developed and delivered to a selection of large, internationally acclaimed companies within the wind industry. We supply test benches for components and nacelles to the wind industry and our reference list is among the largest in the world.

Heavy-duty turnkey solutions: Step by step

Feasibility Study
The specification, test system concept, timeline and budget are all optimised to suit the customer's requirements and business case.
Design and engineering of the test system
A project team from R&D Test Systems execute the engineering. To ensure full compliance before initiating the manufacturing of the test systems, the output is approved by one or several scheduled Design Reviews in collaboration with the customer .
Manufacturing and Factory Acceptance Test
All components and subsystems are manufactured and supervised by our project team, either internally or sourced through qualified suppliers. Thereafter, a Factory Acceptance Test is carried out by our project team.
Installation on site
The system is installed on site by our installation team under the supervision of the Project Manager, Site Manager and relevant Project Lead Engineers.
Running-in, system testing and handover
Following the installation, a running-in and system testing are carried out. Once completed, the system is handed over to the customer via a Site Acceptance Test.
Maintenance, calibration and service of the test system
After the commissioning and handover, our Service & Installation team continue to support the customer. Spare parts and service agreements must be made with our Service & Installation team.