R&D Test Systems is designing and building the wind industry’s largest and most advanced test bench.

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The project started last year and is now well on its way. As a part of the process, there are supplier inspections to ensure that every step is going according to the plan. Yesterday, Claus, Kent, and Jesper from R&D Test Systems attended a successful supplier inspection together with Torben Lorenzen from LORC.


The test bench will be installed in January 2021 and the test bench’s motor engine will be 16 meters in diameter and generate 25 MW. That is three meters longer than a regular urban bus. The test bench is placed on a 30 meters long concrete block and delivers a dynamic bending moment of 85 MNm. It corresponds to the pulling power you get if you hang a car at the end of a six-kilometre-long fishing pole.

A picture for comparison

Together with Torben from LORC, Claus, Kent, and Jesper from R&D, took a photo at the supplier inspection, for you to get a feel for the size of the LORC HALT XL test bench.

Project stats

Bending moment
Meters i diameter
Halt test bench

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You can read more about the project here: