In relation to the installation of a new test centre at DTU, R&D Steel has been asked to deliver multiple steel components. The test centre is a large wind tunnel dedicated to wind power.

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The order has been secured through Dansk Halbyggeri, who is the general contractor on the project. It is the first time R&D Steel and Dansk Halbyggeri collaborate on a project but hopefully not the last.

R&D Steel is in charge of delivering steel components which will be used to lift wind turbine blades during testing. R&D Steel has initially delivered a set of embedment models which have been drawn and designed in-house by engineers from R&D. Afterwards, the models have been manufactured by R&D Steel. The embedment models will ease the mounting of processed flanges. These flanges are also manufactured by R&D Steel.

The largest embedment model is 3.9 metres long, has a diameter of 3 metres and weighs 2.4 ton. The smallest model is 1.4 metres long, has a diameter of 1.3 metres and weighs almost 200 kg.

For more information on the test centre and the new wind tunnel, please follow this link.

Synergy between craftsmanship and engineering

This order clearly shows the strong synergy between craftsmanship and engineering as the engineers and welders can benefit from each others areas of expertise.

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