R&D Test Systems has delivered a test rig for one of the world's most powerful aerospace gearboxes to Rolls-Royce.

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R&D Test Systems has developed, constructed, installed and commissioned a test rig for one of the world’s most powerful aerospace gearboxes to Rolls-Royce.

The test rig enables Rolls-Royce to simulate the effects of the gearbox under flight conditions such as take-off, climb, descent and landing or banking. The test rig is an important parameter in the development of Rolls-Royce's new UltraFan engine design, which will offer efficient power over a wide range of thrust levels and the ability to drive larger fan sizes while reducing weight.

Test rig Rolls-Royce

Ensuring the robustness

It was primarily R&D Test Systems’ knowledge within project management, mechanical design, drive actuation systems, construction, documentation and installation,
which were utilised in the process of developing the test rig. Throughout the process, R&D Test Systems has focused on optimising the design and ensuring that the test rig is sufficiently robust to withstand the test scenarios for which it will be used.

Well-established process

The development of the test rig extended over 24 months. Half-way through the process, it became clear that the time schedule had to be accelerated by four months. This was achieved through ongoing consultation on prioritisation with the Rolls-Royce project team.

Test rig specifications

8000 RPM
Max Drivetrain Speed
7000 Nm
Max Prime Mover Torque
60 MT
Overall Weight
3000 RPM
Max Prime Mover Speed