R&D aims to crack the code of constructing a complete plant capable of extracting proteins from grass. The plant will be the first of its kind in Denmark and will secure a new production line of locally produced high protein feed.

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Denmark is one of the world’s leading countries in the production of animal-derived foods and organic agriculture. Within the organic production of pigs, poultry and eggs, there is an immense need for locally grown proteins of high quality. At present, the supply of protein is upheld through an import of organic soya from China, but the ambition is to replace this with Danish organic protein.

A new project named “Grass derived Protein Plant”, which is co-funded by the Region of Central Jutland, aims to develop a production plant for the manufacture of high protein feed to pigs and poultry extracted from grass crops. This will clear the way for future Danish production of grass derived proteins as a replacement for imported soya.

R&D is responsible for the project, in which the ambition is to optimize all processes related to the handling of grass, extraction of the proteins as well as utilization of the by-products.

Uncharted territory

“The different and necessary processes related to the extraction of protein from grass are well-known. However, the method for constructing a complete plant and choosing the right solutions and concepts within each area is still unknown. The involvement of the respective parties enables us to find the right solution to this issue because we can analyze the topic from different views,” Daniel Schou Jensen says, Project Director at R&D A/S.

A scheduled prototype plant will be the first of its kind in Denmark and will secure a new production line of sustainable and locally produced, high protein feed. At first, the project focuses on the organic market but later on, the ambition is to create a synergy between the utilization of different biomass from other markets.

The project continues until the summer of 2019 and is co-funded by the Region of Central Jutland, whose intent is to create growth and new jobs using regional funds.

The parties of the project are: R&D A/S, Runi A/S, SiccaDania, Danish Marine Protein, Biotest, Skive Biogas, Vestjyllands Andel, Nordisk Tang, Konsulent, AU Engineering and AU Animal Science.

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