Our ambition was to make one Rain Erosion Tester. Now we've made ten.

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The Rain Erosion Tester from R&D Test Systems helps improve the longevity of wind turbine blades by testing erosion on the leading edges of the blades. This test system has a proven level of repeatability and fulfills DNV's Recommended Practice (DNV-RP-0171) for the testing of rotor blade erosion protection systems.

"It is a machine we developed several years ago for a specific task for a specific customer. It started as a project that then ended up being a machine that can be sold to a wider portfolio of customers," says Axel Manøe, CEO of R&D Test Systems in the EnergiWatch article.

In addition, Axel Manøe adds: "It's a journey where you start by getting an idea to solve a specific problem, to find out that more people have the same problem."

"Our ambition was to make one. Now we've made ten. We thought that there would be five, at most, in the whole world, but now we're double that." tells Axel Manøe.

"Our machine can ensure that the supplier can assert itself. If a company like Vestas has to buy wind turbine blades from a Chinese factory, then they will probably want see some test results of the leading edges of the blades. There are few competitors on this. Our machine is quite unique in the way it is developed. The competitors have other methods where they try to do the same. Ours is just the best." says the CEO of R&D Test Systems says Axel Manøe.

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