Civil engineer and PhD Rico Hjerm Hansen has found his niche at R&D. He often uses his specialised skills in the complex intersection between hydraulics, software and mechanics, which demands solid familiarity with the large professional toolkit.

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“The most challenging and exciting thing about being an employee at R&D is that we often are a part of the collaboration with the customers all the way from concept development to testing and implementation of complicated solutions of heavy duty solutions,” Rico Hjerm Hansen says. “It gives us great opportunities to assist the customer in the further development of their ideas and especially in the concept phase, we are able to leave a solid mark because of our background and expertise. This is exactly what makes the daily life extraordinarily exciting.”

Ordinarily, Rico is situated at Aalborg University but he also collaborates with colleagues in Aarhus, Aalborg and on Lindoe. “We have an appealing flat structure in the organisation, and it is a natural part of the culture that we seek someone’s advice, and that you can reach out to a colleague who has specific knowledge of an area,” Rico says. “My special skills are within hydraulics, and currently I am working on a system for tests of aircraft engines”

The large professional toolkit

The employees at R&D have great familiarity with the large professional toolkit, which is a precondition for solving the challenging tasks in collaboration with the customers. Rico primarily uses the professional toolkit during the design phase and while simulating the optimal solution for the system or the machine.
“For me, the large toolkit contains simulation models in which both the mechanical, the hydraulic and the software parts are included. Here, we manufacture operational data by simulations of both regular operations and external cases. By optimising and working with the model, we might find a better layout for the system, errors on the mechanical system are removed, demands for the hydraulic system are identified and control algorithms are designed,” Rico says

Attractive professional environment

The social life is also a priority at R&D, and we often have events for all employees. “It is a really good idea, because you rarely have time to see all your colleagues during the week,” Rico says. “It is wonderful to meet in more informal circumstances and have fun together and get a chance to talk to several people. Recently, there has been a Segway event followed by a barbecue.”

The everyday life at R&D is vastly dominated by technically demanding tasks that each employee solves in close collaboration with colleagues. At R&D, everyone collaborates – both newly qualified employees, students and seniors – which is a powerful combination and valuable for the continued development of both customers, employees and the company.

“We have the right combination of a winning culture and the care for the individual employee at R&D,” Rico says. “Combined with the exciting and challenging tasks, it makes R&D the right workplace for me.”