25 years of experience at Vestas, Dronningborg Industries and Nissens Kølerfabrik has given Senior Project Engineer Flemming Selmer Nielsen from R&D an experienced insight into other businesses when he works as a consultant at R&D's customers.

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Flemming is a mechanical engineer and his broad experience covers constructional tasks in metal, design and production of cast-iron objects, standardisation of components as well as quality assurance and approval of suppliers. He is currently working on optimisation of components for a cooling system for wind turbines.

”I always focus on the individual details in all my projects. I am a bit of a nerd and therefore I spend much time on each project to optimise it on all levels possible,” Flemming says. ”My many years of experience from various companies is a huge benefit as knowledge from other businesses generates new ideas. I can use my knowledge from previous projects to optimise our customers’ solutions.”

Unique in-house competences

Flemming is an individualist in many aspects, and he prefers working alone. But he recognises the value in both giving and receiving feedback.

”You need to know your boundaries and where and when to ask for advice,” Flemming says. ”The great thing about being an employee at R&D is that we have so many unique in-house competences and that there is a mix of both young and more experienced employees. The young employees know everything about the newest software, and the more experienced employees often have a specific proposal for a solution if a project is not moving forward. This creates great interaction between the employees and it is highly valued by the customers. Furthermore, it benefits the development of each individual employee.”

Fully committed

”Something which the young employees can learn from the more experienced ones, is that you should have no fear of mistakes. The lack of fear comes with age and experience. Afterwards, when you evaluate why your work was not straight A’s, that is when you learn something new,” Flemming says.

”Solutions which seem correct here and now can prove to be fra from optimal later on. But most often there is a need for a decision here and now. And you have got to have the courage to make that decision.”

A distinctive trait of Flemming's is that he is fully committed to everything he does. Both when he is collaborating with customers at R&D, when he is involved in the local political association or when he is a consulting parent at the Department of Children's Heart Diseases at Skejby Hospital.

”I really like working as a consultant at R&D. I like using my experience and competences to help solve our customers’ tasks,” Flemming says. ”Often, I have to work quickly to solve a pressing task for a customer. My broad experience and the strong team at R&D are very valuable in this context. Together we help the customers move on with their projects.”