COVID-19 forced R&D to think out of the box when travel restrictions made it impossible to install the new Rain Erosion Tester in person onsite.

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In November 2019, R&D sold the first Rain Erosion Tester to the Chinese market, as the tester was to be installed at IndeTech Testing Service Center in Changzhou. However, as the development of the machine went as planned, COVID-19 challenged the typical in-person installation process of the Rain Erosion Tester.

The development and manufacturing of the Rain Erosion Tester took place during the winter and spring of 2020, getting the tester ready for disassembling and transport in May. As the Rain Erosion Tester arrived in Changzhou during the summer months, it became clear that R&D could not fly out the usual team of employees to China to do the installation and running-in. This forced R&D to come up with another solution – and quickly.

Quick adaption to the new situation with new partnerships

The solution to the installation challenge was a perfect example of how R&D benefits from being an international company with offices in several countries. After discussing the challenges internally, our German Key Account Manager Ralf Nieschler helped set up a meeting through his network with the German company GTSystem (GTS). GTSystem specializes in comprehensive logistical services and test equipment services and has an office and a team located in China.

The partnership with GTSystem turned out to be the perfect fit. Only a little more than a month after the initial meeting, the installation of the Rain Erosion Tester had begun in Changzhou. This was solely possible thanks to the great teamwork with GTS, a well-engineered product designed for effective installation and implementation as well as the indispensable support from R&D’s own employee Eric Yu, who works from the R&D office in Beijing.

The onsite installation was conducted by GTS employees within their own team lead Cole Zeng, supported and guided by R&D employees in Denmark on remote online access.

After starting up the project, my colleague Cole and I brought all sides together into a close loop: The GTS colleagues, the R&D team in Denmark via a remote-guiding, as well as their final onsite customer. As a local partner for R&D, we used our insights into the CN market, leading to our support team managing the onsite setup of the R&D testing equipment, e.g., hoisting devices, power, and energy flow linkages, and test bench HW installation,” explains Roland Kreies, General Manager at GTSystem.

The new Rain Erosion Tester was ready for operation by IndeTech just before Christmas 2020. “It was a great experience working with R&D, and we are excited about continuing our partnership in future projects,” adds Roland. Today, GTSystem is one of R&D’s preferred partners for installing our large-scale dynamic test benches around the world.

The turnkey system in China is of strategic importance for R&D’s establishment within the Chinese market, as it will open the doors to the competencies and capabilities of R&D in China.

It was a great experience working with R&D, and we are excited about continuing our partnership in future projects.

Roland Kreies, General Manager at GTSystem.

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