Wind turbine

Wind turbine testing helps verify the turbine performance, allowing for a better solution to be developed based on the customer’s testing requirements and business case. R&D provide efficient and effective wind turbine testing.

R&D Test Systems have obtained unique experience and system insight within the development of demanding heavy-duty test systems for the wind industry. Our workforce of engineering experts and in-house specialists enable us to address the system as a whole and provide the deliveries required for the complete scope of the test system. This includes feasibility studies, designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning. Our feasibility study facilitates the combination of a test specification, a test system concept, a budget and a timeline. That is why we follow a Stage Gate model, which ensures that we meet our customer’s expectations on time and within budget.

World-class test systems

R&D is an international engineering company, which supplies knowledge and turnkey deliveries to customers within a wide range of industries.

The company was founded in 2005 by Morten Storm and Carsten Vejby Møller who wanted to turn challenges into world-class engineering. What started out as a passion, is now a pioneering company of specialised engineers that develop innovatory solutions for a wide range of influential companies from many different industries.

We approach our customers' challenges from numerous angles to create world-class engineering - from heavy-duty test systems and lifting solutions for the wind industry to product development and automation for the industry.

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