R&D Test Systems has been awarded EUDP funding for demonstration of future nacelle test bench foundation.

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We are happy to announce that R&D Test Systems has been awarded EUDP funding for demonstration of future nacelle test bench foundation. The test bench foundation project will contribute to development and optimisation in the wind industry. 

The wind industry needs larger wind turbines and at the same time reduce the average energy cost pr. MW to produce low-cost renewable energy. As wind turbines continue to get larger in size and complexity, the ability to test and validate wind turbines is challenged. Therefore, it is important to continuously develop the foundation of our test benches to ensure that our customers will continue to meet the demands for testing future wind turbines. 'The Nacelle Foundation Program' funding enables us to develop a new and innovative foundation concept in order to test the world’s largest wind turbines in the future. 

The concept is a part of our test systems where we optimise and future-proof our solutions. The project will further develop the existing concept and ensure that our customers have access to the most advanced solutions within the wind industry. We will continue to claim our position as a company that delivers valid test systems, optimised for future wind turbine concepts. In addition, the project will help secure Denmark's position as a leader in wind energy and our competitiveness.  

We are proud to be a part of the project together with Aarhus University. Our project group consists of specialised engineers with relevant competences to support the project. Together with Aarhus University, the project group will have extensive knowledge in both test system design and project execution, as well as detailed knowledge of key technology areas, essential to the project execution. 

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The Nacelle Test Bench Foundation project will introduce new design concepts within concrete technology- and foundation solutions. The scale model test bench foundation demonstrator, which will be developed and build within the project, will include post tensioning of the foundation in multiple directions, a new machine interface anchor system and a vibration damping solution – making sure that our customers can test future wind turbines.