Some of the primary strengths of R&D's professional team of 75 engineers are the broad spectrum of ideas and experiences and a continuous internal development.

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The three team members Camilla, Mads and Peter all agree even though they have different backgrounds. Camilla is an intern, Mads is a newly qualified engineer from February 2015 and Peter is an engineer with 17 years of experience. They all experience that their professional input matter and they enjoy working and exchanging ideas with their colleagues.

The professional exchange of ideas is available to all employees at R&D. Both the two owners, the more experienced employees, the newly qualified employees and the interns take part in the daily development of solutions for customers.

”I have been an intern at R&D for a couple of months now and I have never felt that my input was not as good as the input of the other employees, even though I am an intern,” Camilla says. ”At the same time I benefit from exchanging ideas with experienced colleagues. I try to absorb all knowledge possible during my internship.”


Multiple ideas create better solutions

The professionally strong culture involving both solid personal competences and the strong team benefits both customers and employees. ”We have many interesting projects for customers involved in wind, oil, gas and the aviation industry,” Peter says.

"We have customers who have very high expectations to our services and thereby to our competences and experience. It is very beneficial for us that we can exchange professional ideas with each other and thereby have multiple ideas and input which create the most valuable solution for the customer. At the same time, the solution of these challenging projects is a strong motivational power on a daily basis.”

Structured exchange of ideas

Mads works at R&D's department on Lindø. This creates a close proximity to both current and potential customers in Lindø Industrial Park. He primarily works on developing test solutions for the wind industry. ”The amount of time I spend in Aarhus changes from week to week. I stay where it makes the most sense according to the projects I am working on,” Mads says. ”But even though I am not at the main office, I am still a part of the team. It is relatively easy to contact my colleagues using Skype, and we often use screen sharing tools.”

The daily professional environment is characterised by the informal and spontaneous exchange of ideas as well as the more structured exchange of ideas. ”We review the individual projects regularly, where we summarise the individual parts and coordinate the future actions,” Peter says. ”Often, we invite a colleague who is not part of the team in order to receive some external input and to ensure that we have not neglected anything.”

Valuable to the customer

In general, the professionally strong team at R&D is very valuable both internally and externally. ”Internally it helps us develop as employees on a daily basis,” Peter says. ”At the same time, many of our customers experience that we work quickly and flexibly if there is a need for a key competence from our internal network. It could be within hydraulics or software. In all our solutions, we use the relevant competences to ensure that we help the customers execute their ideas and plans in the best possible way.”