LM Wind Power has selected three regular collaborators to secure flexible engineering resources. R&D is among the chosen companies.

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The division of Global Equipment Engineering at LM Wind Power supplies production equipment to the company’s 14 production units. There are often more engineering tasks in the division than there are internal resources, so during peak periods it is necessary to supplement with external consultants.

”In 2015, we chose to enter into a framework agreement of a long-term collaboration with three engineering companies, and R&D is among these,” Ulrik Wolf says, Director - Global Equipment Engineering at LM Wind Power. “To us, it is very valuable having the same consultants, as we spend a lot of time teaching them our systems and working procedures. Therefore, a strategic decision was made to use regular business partners. The goal is that from now on, the same collaborators will be used for all tasks at LM Wind power.”

As a result, it was natural for us to pursue a closer collaboration with R&D, as we are very pleased with their work.

Ulrik Wolf
Director - Global Equipment Engineering, LM Wind Power

Long-term collaboration

LM Wind Power has a long history with R&D. “As a result, it was natural for us to pursue a closer collaboration with R&D, as we are very pleased with their work,” Ulrik Wolf says. “Currently, we have three consultants from R&D. Two who work with construction and one project manager.”

For LM Wind Power, one of the benefits of collaborating with regular consultants is that the external engineers can start the new projects immediately - as though they were engineers at LM Wind Power. This also applies to the two machine engineers Thorbjørn Sætre and Jesper Vad from R&D, who work with construction for LM Wind Power.

"I have worked at LM Wind Power on multiple projects and now have solid knowledge of the various tools they use, such as TeamCenter and NX 8,” Thorbjørn Sætre says. “My assignments have primarily been 3D construction, strength calculations and 2D documentation. I have always experienced an excellent - and very accommodating – partnership with the employees at LM Wind Power.”

Secures flexibility

At LM Wind Power, Ulrik Wolf is very satisfied with the flexibility that the external consultants provide. “As mentioned earlier, it is a strategic decision, as we want to be able to scale the resources – both up and down,” he says and continues: “And it works well with the chosen collaborators – and it is best when the same consultants return.”

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