Our TailorGrass project is getting a lot of attention, including from Landbrug i Danmark, a Jysk Fynske Medier magazine.

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Landbrug i Danmark have published a well-written, sharp article about our TailorGrass project, presenting a detailed insight into the many benefits and possibilities there are. Our partners from Vestjyllands Andel and Ausumgaard explain why it pays off to produce grass protein and how it has a positive influence on ecology, climate, and sustainable energy.

The project has already been going on for years, with researching grass and how to extract the protein, as the process is quite complex. The result from our research; that we can extract protein from grass, which has granted the project 14 bill. DKK from 'Grønt Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram (GUDP) under the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark.

The TailorGrass project will continue for the next three years. The objective is to demonstrate how grass protein can be extracted through bio-refinery and our expectations for the project are large. Other than being an alternative protein source, grass protein have many exciting side effects in regards to the environment.