Aircraft engines increase in size and performance

For the last three decades, the extensive development of aviation technology within the aerospace industry has pushed the boundaries of what is feasible. Aircraft engines increase in size and performance, which call for optimized and improved test systems.

At R&D, our Test Systems department has in-house knowledge and expertise within project management, mechanical design, drive actuation systems, construction, documentation, and installation, which we utilize in the process of developing test rigs for our market-leading customers.

Throughout your development process, R&D Test Systems focuses on optimizing the design and ensuring that our test rigs are sufficiently robust to withstand the test scenarios for which our customers will use them.

Aerospace engine

Test rigs for aircraft engine power gearboxes

R&D Test Systems has experts for developing test rigs for aircraft engine power gearboxes.

As a part of our American business partner MTS Systems Corporation, we have, for example, developed, constructed, installed, and commissioned a test rig for an aircraft engine power gearbox for Rolls-Royce. Both MTS and R&D have extensive experience with the development of test systems. The collaboration between the two companies and our respective skills were among the reasons why R&D was originally chosen as a supplier.

With this delivery, R&D’s Test Systems department has consolidated its position as a leading supplier of heavy-duty test systems.

Aerospace engine

Documentation requirements

Developing an aerospace gearbox test rig for testing new or existing gearboxes includes ongoing meetings with our customers to discuss the concept design, development, and documentation requirements. This ensures that your turn-key solution fits your needs and requirements. Read more about our quality assurance and certificates.

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R&D as your agile business partner

Aircraft engines require a wide range of different tests, both on the system level and component level. Therefore, we work in carefully chosen project teams that ensure that we have the right competencies and knowledge to develop your test system.

This was also the case with the system delivery of a test rig to Roll-Royce. "Rolls-Royce was searching for an agile, competent, flexible, and solution-oriented business partner with extensive experience within the development of test systems. This is one of the main reasons why they chose R&D," says Peter Kattai Ulrikkeholm, Business Unit Director at R&D.

"We have worked directly with Rolls-Royce on this project and met regularly for discussions and coordination."